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Your HID kit will not work with reversed polarity. This sheet will demonstrate how to correctly connect your ballast so that you can enjoy your HID Xenon lights.

As you can see in Figure 1, the male ballast connector has a small protruding latch and its corresponding female connector has a clasp that will clip onto that latch. This is the way it is normally connected.

Because halogen bulbs will work with the polarity reversed; many vehicles have the polarity reversed on one side or on both sides. HID lights however will not work with reversed polarity and this will need to be corrected.

If you lights don’t work when connected as they should be; all you need to do is turn around one of the connectors as shown in Figure 3 and connect them the other way around as shown in Figure 4.

You should make sure the connection is tight. Because the connectors will not latch together this way around, it is advisable to use electrical tape to ensure that the connectors don’t come apart.

Now test your lights and make sure they work correctly.