Delivery problems:

Q: My item has not arrived, what’s taking so long?

A: Sometimes items take longer than expected, especially if it’s going far or to rural area. Check with your post office to see if your item has been held up. Sometimes USPS will not update a tracking number until it has arrived at its destination. If your item still has not arrived after a few days, let us know so we can open a case for you
Q: Tracking number says “Delivered”, but I still have not received my item.

A: USPS does not always update their tracking numbers properly. Sometimes USPS will mark an item “Delivered” even though it hasn’t arrived yet. Check thoroughly around your house and ask other household members if they received anything. If it still hasn’t shown up after a few days, let us know and we can open a case for you to find your item


Selection problems

Q: Will this bulb fit my vehicle?

A: We can match almost any vehicle to one of our bulb sizes. eBay only lets us include 300 vehicle fitments per listing, but if your vehicle does not show up on the compatibility table at the top of our listings, please check: “” to find correct the bulb size.


Q: Do I need to mention the Year, Make and Model in the notes field?

A: YES, some vehicles may require an additional capacitor or power relay which we will include in your order for free if necessary. Please include the Year, Make, and Model in the notes section during checkout to ensure you receive everything needed for your Engync HID kit!


Q: What does the number under the color mean? Does it mean brightness?

A: The number under the color choice (3000K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K,  10000K, 12000K, Green, Pink, Purple, Dark blue) actually represents the heat in Kelvins of the bulb. As the temperature changes, so does the color of the bulb. For the brightest light, choose 5000k or 6000k. For more exotic and vivid, choose 3000K, 8000k or 10000K.


Q: My vehicle has separate high beams and low beams, do I need a separate kit for both?

A: Yes and no, if you only want your low beams to HID then you only need one kit, but if you would like both beams HID, then you will need two separate kits. In addition, vehicles with separate beams usually have a different bulb size for the High beam. Check the Lighting Guide on to verify your high beam bulb size.


Q: What’s better? Hi-Lo or Bi-Xenon?

A: Hi-Lo Xenon bulbs actually have two bulbs per light socket, one HID Xenon bulb for low beam, and one halogen bulb for high beam. Bi-Xenon bubs provide xenon HID on both the high beams and the low Beams. Bi-xenon is recommended for a full HID experience!


Q: What’s the best kit to get? 35w or 55w?

A: We would highly recommend checking out our AC 55w kits, they produce a brighter light, are less prone to flickering, last longer, and come in a more compact design. Although not recommended for fog lights or for aftermarket housings, a 55w kit will fit your factory high or low beam housing perfectly!

Installation error:

Q: My bulbs won’t fit, help!

A: A special bulb holder may be required. See if you can take the holder from the stock bulb. If not, let us know. The bulb size may be wrong, double check the item you received with the item you ordered. Do you have an aftermarket lighting housing? These may not be perfectly fitted for aftermarket bulbs and will require some manual modifications.


Q: Do I need a relay or capacitor for my kit?

A: Some vehicles do require a relay or capacitor in order to use an HID kit. We can offer relays and capacitors for all of our kits set, however, we only send them out for certain vehicle makes. During checkout, please include the year, make, and model in the notes section and we will send a relay or capacitor along with your kit if needed, you only pay the freight.


Q: Only one side lighting up?

A: Swap the ballast from the broken side to the working side to see if the problem follows. Do the same for the bulb. Whichever part the problem follows is the culprit. If the problem persists on the same side, there is a voltage issue and you need a relay or capacitor. Let us know your year, make, and model and we will send one right away.


Q: My low and high beams are switched!

A: The polarity setting must be changed until the low and high beams turn on appropriately, try flipping the ballast plugs and try again. Also, check and make sure the bulbs were not installed upside down, this is surprisingly a common issue.


Q: The high or low beams are not turning on my Hi-Lo / Bi-Xenon Kit

A: The polarity setting must be changed until the low and high beams turn on appropriately, flip the ballast plugs and try again. If this does not work, a relay will be required to power the beams.


Q: Both sides flicker, flash, or work inconsistently

A: Check the headlight fuses, and then check the ballast plugs to insure correct installation. If this doesn’t work, there may be a voltage problem with the vehicle. You probably just need a relay or capacitor which we can offer. Let us know your year, make, and model and we will send one right away.