H11 100W Conversion Bulbs

///H11 100W Conversion Bulbs

H11 100W Conversion Bulbs

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  • Compatible with most aftermarket HID Kits (Please check bulbs connectors to ensure they are the same)
  • HID Ballasts are required, otherwise will not work without ballast
  • Include 1 pair of H11 super-bright performance hid xenon bulbs
  • Durable and Long lasting, Operates from -40 Celsius to 105 Celsius and comes with a 3 Year Warranty
  • Fits Cars that use H11 or H11B bulbs
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Product Description

Engync HID replacement bulbs are easy to install, plug and play bulbs with long life and durability as a design feature.
These bulbs are made of ceramics to make sure it’s enough heat-resisting for the high power working.
You can check the bulbs sizes via the “Osram Sylvania Lamp Guide” on your search engine.

These bulbs are designed to replace existing HID bulbs and work great with Engync’s True Digital Ballast or as a replacement on any oem or aftermarket HID light with a compatible connector.

If this is your first time to refit your vehicle, you need to buy a full set, including bulbs, line set and ballasts. If you need them welcome to contact us.

What is Color temperature?
Color temperature is a measure of the color’s intensity and the tone of the light, the higher the color temperature is the higher the tone of the light,but the weaker penetrating power. We offer the following color temperatures:

3000k golden yellow (Best for Fog lights, most penetration in rain and adverse weather)
4300k light yellow (Good penetrating power)
5000k pure white (OEM white color, with good penetrating power)
6000k diamond white (Good penetrating power, the popular choice)
8000k ice burg blue (light blue yet still gives out good amount of light, weaker penetrating power)
10000k brilliant blue (light blue, 80% output of the 5000k, weaker penetrating power)

Voltage Input:9-16V
Voltage Norm.:13.2V
Current Norm.:4.2A
Current in Max:6A
Power Output:100W
HID Efficiency:98.68%, 2100~3500LM
Life-Span:3000 hours
Packing list:2 x Engync Xenon HID Bulbs

Additional Information

重量 0.4 lbs
尺寸 6.3 × 2.17 × 4.33 in



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